Shower Ribbon + Cleaver = Bochar


30-second slideshows for hackers with blackjack and hookers. In fact, forget the slideshows!

What is Bochar?

Bochar [bɔʧar] is a Cleaver wrapped in Shower Ribbon.

What is Bochar?

So let's talk about Cleaver.

What is Cleaver?

Cleaver turns the following:

title: My Slideshow
output: slideshow.html
## Hello, world!
### This is my slideshow

What is Cleaver?

Into a slideshow like this slideshow.

Cleaver uses a simple Markdown format.

What is Cleaver?

Cleaver comes with a stylesheet that looks good by default, but that you can extend at your heart's desire.

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Getting Bochar

Get Bochar from NPM

npm install -g bochar

Generation with Bochar

And run it against your shiny new presentation

bochar path/to/

Continuous generation with Bochar

If you want watching your md-file and regenerate presentation, just add watch command:

bochar watch path/to/

Next we'll talk about setting up a quick presentation.


Each presentation contains metadata, for example:

title: Shower Ribbon + Cleaver = Bochar
  name: "Vladimir Starkov"
  twitter: "@matmuchrapna"
  url: ""
output: index.html

Let's break this chunk down on the next slide.

Metadata Fields

Metadata Fields

Metadata Fields (Advanced)

Other Slides

Slides are separated by -- and are written in markdown.

Use h2 to define slide's title (denoted ##)

Author Slide

If your metadata contains author information (name, url, twitter), an author slide will be inserted at the end of your presentation.

That's all, folks!

Seriously, that's it. Bochar is perfect for quick slideshows that you can create using a comfortable format with Shower ribbon template. No extra software or text boxes required.

Check us out on GitHub.